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Wild Buster announced!

Publisher Insel Games has just announced their new game: Wild Buster, the SciFi Action MMORPG with a Moba Twist! How is that? The game is all about the sheer number of characters! To collect them, level them in PVE and take them to PVP and Raids will keep you busy for months!
The game will launch later this Year on Steam and MMO Rewards!

So what is Wild Buster?

-Fast action Combat (ARPG Style with MOBA influence)

-Shooting, Slashing, Burning, Dodging, Rolling. Think fast, move faster!

-Easy to start, hard to master

-MMO with a lot of Koop gameplay

-Military Scifi Setting

-50 levels + possibility to increase your account wide level beyond that to get extra attribute boni (like the Paragon system in D3)

-Many different quests, dailies

-Versatile Gear with different attribute increases, rarities and set boni

-2 Fractions

-Guardians: Military organisation with the mission to protect all humans. To achieve that they rely on strict discipline and training.

-Abandon: An alliance of Mutants. Less organized but experts in utilizing weapons and gadgets to survive even in harsh environments. Unbound Wild Soldiers.

-Both Factions have all kinds of different Heroes, aggressive and defensive.