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    Previously, for obvious reasons, there was no point in bothering try the 64bit client, but I did have a quick look. Not long enough to notice what the practical difference was (if there is any) Being one of those stubborn people who insist on seeing first-hand and making up my own mind rather than just taking anyone else’s word for it (about pretty much everything) I played 64bit partway into the Prologue, which now appears to be functional, server side also.
    On my system anyway, there is a marked increase in performance all across the board. I cant be sure yet – but it might even look a bit better. That smooth, consistent 60fps has me wanting to continue my main game using this client rather than the 32bit one, which is OK but only runs smoothly locked at 30fps (luckily I discovered the surprise that waits for people who haven tried using NVIDIA FASTSync, disabling Vsync in-game. It most definitely does not feel or look like its only at 30fps, to me or any of my gamer friends who I tested that on) No doubt there are al sorts of personal opinions about that, but its beside the point. I notice it and am impressed)
    Still, the 64bit client is clearly superior (so far) I can just keep ordinary vsync on and its smooth as silk.

    Questions are:
    Is the entire game play enabled server-side for the 64 bit version? and: Is it possible to somehow move, or have moved by admin my current game progress that is saved in the 32 bit version?

    As much as Im keen to try extended play under the 64 bit, and DO like the game, I just don’t have that mush leisure time to start the whole game yet again….Ive played through the first many quests way too many times already anyway due to the earlier issues in development. Its not like a "No" will put me off just continuing 32bit, but can someone let me know if there’s any way I can do that? Just pick up from where my character is….but now under 64 bit? It would be…….CHIZZ 😂

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    I have a feeling……no. But then again, Im not sure what system is used to save player progress. But when a person who knows gets round to it, please can this be confirmed yes or no? Thanks.

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    MMORewards Team

    Hi Laith,

    we talked to the guys from Drago about that. It doesn’t make a difference for your progress if you are using the 32bit or 64bit client. Per default the 32bit client is used, but you can use the 64bit client – apart from a few secondary settings from the client settings menu that are stored locally everything else is stored on the servers.

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    Thanks Man, however running the 64 bit client only starts a new game from the beginning. I always use the USA server. If I run 32bit and I’m back where I was with my progress. If what they said is so, perhaps could you ask them how that is done? Is there a particular way of starting it that is required? Hmmm..That gives me an idea I’ll try now. If I don’t post here that it worked, please Id appreciate the info when you get a chance! 🙂

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    Ive tried everything that the searches turned up about it, all about this version of the game. All methods only start the 32bit except manually running steamapps\common\Otherland\UnrealEngine3\Binaries\Win64\Otherland-Shipping.exe while the steam client is running. Which only starts a NEW game in 64 bit. The steam launcher has never run the 64bit client by default (on my 64bit windows 7 system) though apparently it was meant to.
    I have a feeling my registry is a bit messed up. I backed it up and will try manually doing what regcleaners never picked up on (old version installation entries left behind with old, incorrect paths. The correct ones are there too😬)
    Id still like to know if the Drago team have any tips, but we’ll just have to see.
    Thanks, hopefully will get somewhere with it, but if not I can still enjoy it as 32, so no tragedy 😆


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    Oh man! I cant waste time writing a couple thousand words detailing how Ive eliminated all variables, to the best of the current info available online. But I did. Its not any of my 3 decent 64bit systems, I can say that with certainty!
    This reminds me of why I changed careers from I.T. work. But Im willing to bet its something to do with Steam, not so much the game itself.
    Im only a bit frustrated with the absence of useful info, and the wasted time and the classic baffling incongruities that surround P.C.s so Im not pissed at anyone or particular organization – just in case it seems like it. 🙂
    Now Im on a new, fresh, functional computer with updated EVERYTHING. which runs 64bit games great, including Otherland. From the exe outside of the launcher only. Which is back to the same thing I started this thread about. All progress reset. I just wanted to continue my game in 64 bit, but I cant get the correct info to do so. Thanks for sharing what you’ve been told, but I haven’t been able to even confirm that it works, because it wont launch 64 bit in the way that must allow keeping all my progress. 100% sure of that, after all that went into trying to solve this since my prev post comment. Hours of downloading a new updated Otherland too.
    No change whatsoever 🙁
    Before just forgetting about it, PLEASE: What IS the accurate, correct launch option switch/command that will run OL in 64, allowing me to just continue my game? – like you have been told is supposed to happen (because it simply doesnt, From manually running exe outside of Steam, but with ST client running.. Starts Beginning of Tutorial at the start only. )
    I can say with certainty that, right here anyway – on actually 3 totally separate very well operating 64bit computers…. its not " -64bit"

    *If anyone has confirmed, by DOING it, what the launch command really is, Id appreciate if you could please let me know the correct, personally confirmed command. If that fails, Im sticking to 32 bit.

    LOL, for some reason people saying it is supposed to run the 64 by default on a 64 system is humorously annoying!! Never has it done that with this game. Never! LOL. Probably should have, but well… Steam!
    Thanks, for any effort trying to help.


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    MMORewards Team

    I’m sorry to hear that you are still having these issues. I pointed the guys from Drago to this thread again and hopefully they can enlighten us on how you can go forward.

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    MMORewards Team

    Just a short update: the guys at Drago are taking a look at your account to see if there is an underlying issue there.

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    Thank you. Its mainly just irritatingly puzzling…..but MIGHT uncover something useful. Anytime in the next couple months is fine, no rush. Appreciate the effort!

    Problem not 🤣

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    Just for the info, I came across a suggestion for a different steam game in 64 bit that said to try adding the 64bit client exe for (in this case Otherland) by adding it as a non steam game, browsing to the 64bit client exe. While this did indeed launch the game from steam, in 64 bit, even the first stage of login now just produces: "login unavailable".
    Like it used to a long time ago. Just don’t know. Enough for tonight!



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    Ahh, now Ive got something that MIGHT work. Apparently its worked for others on different steam games – through the client. However, due to me trying things like this in the past, Ive had my progress wiped one too many times so Im not willing to try anything like this without knowing my saves are going to be kept intact. Of course, being an MMO they are all server side…
    Since I really don’t know how else to do this, is there someone I, or one of you official folks can ask – who are involved with the United States server to make sure save progress is backed up, kept or whatever. Worst case scenario; to restore where Im up to if running this launch option ends up deleting my progress again?

    Uggh sorry to be bugging you guys at all about this, but Im so used to having control of this kind of thing, and the game gives no options at all for loading earlier saves/backing them up..whatever. I’m generally not really an MMO player because of this kind of thing – but I’m persisting because……….Otherland!
    I’m aware its not something anyone will want to be spending much time on, but if theres a simple way to send a quick message to…someone, asking them to please restore where I was up to if it gets wiped if would be the only way forward! In 64bit anyway. I know it runs great in 64 bit , from launching it straight from the exe! But…..all progress gone. Has to launch through Steam which this MAY finally allow me to do!

    Id love to actually see this happening!

    "Hi Laith,
    we talked to the guys from Drago about that. It doesn’t make a difference for your progress if you are using the 32bit or 64bit client. Per default the 32bit client is used, but you can use the 64bit client – apart from a few secondary settings from the client settings menu that are stored locally everything else is stored on the servers."

    -I can only go from experience and these kind of things as Id like to attempt have reset my progress in the past, more than a few times – which is why I ask. Worth a try, asking.
    Thanks, in advance….?

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    MMORewards Team

    As you stated, as an MMO all your data is stored on the server. So there really should be nothing happening in terms of lost progress. Your case is very strange and we already pointed the guys from Drago at it, but that has been quite a while now, so we will poke them again and hopefully they will find out what’s wrong with your account.

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    MMORewards Team

    I talked to the guys at DRAGO but we need your help to identify your account so that they can take a closer look.

    First of all: you are always mentioning Steam, so I guess you play via Steam and not via MMORewards.
    Steam and MMOR are separate platforms. An account on one platform doesn’t work in the client of the other platform. So if you created your account on Steam but are now trying to run the 64bit client with an account you created here on MMOR you will end up without the progress of your first account.
    Please do the following: send us a support ticket here:
    Please include the following info:

    mail address and platform (Steam or MMORewards) of your main account (the one you want to continue)
    mail address and platform of the account you are attempting to login with the 64 bit client

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    Thats interesting, I was not aware MMOrewards was something else. As far as I knew Steam was the only way to play OL! Unfortunately Ive never gotten any useful support on the Steam forums…..not much activity happens there. I was just directed here a while back for info, and you guys have managed to assist with things so far so thank you. I ended up just trying another player’s suggestion by backing up the 32bit binary folder by moving it elsewhere, then renaming the 64bit folder to 32bit. It connected up through Steam straight away, as 64 bit – and all progress is still intact. Its the only method that has worked, really well despite basically being a basic hack. Was just as I hoped for……for about an hour – Im happy to consider this 64 bit thing resolved now. Unfortunately, I didnt get even an hour of play in before I hit an impasse. Different issue, so I’ll ask about it in a different thread. Effort has been appreciated!

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    Oh, and thanks for the suggestion to put in a support ticket about the 32/64bit thing but: 1.Ive never played Otherland through anything other than Steam – so Im fairly sure the issue is to do with Steam/My account through there. (That’s news to me that there was ever any other way to access the servers! All my dealings with the game have always pointed directly at Steam only. Might be due to the country Im in?)
    And 2. 64bit is sorted out to my satisfaction now so, all good.
    (apart from trying to get into Mars 🙄 ) Game is on hold until I can make that work.

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