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    My character Casbah had to abandon her mission after the Lotus Land thing where I help beat the evil witch or whatever, then I got sent to Xabbu’s apartment to find "what is missing", I couldn’t find it, so I abandoned quest to try & go back to questgiver & start over, but I can’t find ther questgiver. Can you reset my character or something?

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    I feel like I’m alone in this <<O & that’s a weird feeling.

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    I’m on the US server, frederick, am I really alone?

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    MMORewards Team

    Sorry, Trickyha. No, you are not alone. I forwarded your issue to Drago Entertainment and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    MMORewards Team

    Hi Trickhya. The developers fixed the quest for you. Please try again. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Hello, this seemed like it might be an appropriate thread to put this inquiry into, as I dont really have any desire to play the game any more if I just can’t proceed.
    I understand that the USA server is down right at this moment, but hopefully that will be up again some time today. The problem is with Quest, 8Squared, Treehouse: Stay on the move. USA server.

    Fredricks was NOT at the quest marker when I arrived, and was nowhere in any part of the accessible network either. I spent a very, very long time wandering around section by section and…nope.
    So I went back to the place where she was supposed to be waiting and still. Not there. So brought up the quest log and did about all that was left to do. Abandoned the quest. Went back to the last place, where Fredricks gave me the quest and guess who wasn’t there either. Or anywhere at all on the network. So its a brick wall, and I cannot proceed.
    Sure, I can mess around with world quest and side stuff, but really just want to get on with the story campaign. Somethings definitely just broken here, so is there a way Admins or someone can reset my ‘Laith’ user progress to:

    Quest, 8Squared, Treehouse: The strong die

    Then, with luck I can pick up from where it broke on me, and continue.
    Please advise!


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    Hope this gets looked at before I just lose intrest and uninstall thae whole thing :-/

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    MMORewards Team

    Sorry, I was out of office the last two days. I forwarded your issue to the guys at Drago and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    MMORewards Team

    Hi Laith,

    the guys at Drago took at look at your account and couldn’t immediately find the cause for the issue, so they manually set your character to the next step in the quest, so that you can continue playing. One more question: do you usually see the arrows to the quest objectives in your UI? It seems some people have issues with those not being displayed.

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    Thank you for that!
    I’m about to resume playing now. I do recall quest objectives disappearing and reappearing randomly in the UI, but I’ll let you know if I notice anything out of the ordinary after this session. \


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