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    Tyler Durden

    Where do I see ingame how much points I gain? Is there a special overlay?

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    Not sure regarding ingame, but you can see how many points you currently own in your MMORewards account. Would be great to know, which kind of “actions” give how many points 😉

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    Happy Bumblebee

    I can´t wait to see it running properly!

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    Tororo, we are working on that. For now you may refer to our “about us”-page or take the following guidelines.
    – adding a game gives you 100 points
    – daily login will give you 10 points (in progress)
    – spending one EUR in the shop will give you 10 points
    However, we are also still changing these values.

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    I think the game login points are working now, I just got them for Guardians of Ember 😉

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    Good news! Glad to hear. Thanks for dropping a line. Would be nice if you could check it the next days as well. ;D

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    Dont understand how its working. Have game on steam, and nothing

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    Hello Denis,
    the MMORewards platform itself is independent from Steam. Primarily (and currently) you get points for things that you do on MMORewards such as playing games or spending money on In-Game currency and DLCs.
    However, we are working on a Feature to connect with Steam which will grant you points if you bought a participating game on Steam.

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    I do believe Steam and MMORewards are connected now. I logged in through Steam on the link in my Account Page here at MMORewards and my Gold and XP for MMORewards went up accordingly.

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    Ok, cool.

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    Get me friends plis

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    so how does it work now?

    I am playing Otherworld trough steam but get no points here.
    I connected the steam link in my account page.

    should it work?

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    MMORewards Team

    Hi Sonicx,

    sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately the steam connect feature doesn’t work yet with OTHERLAND: Next. We will let you know as soon as this changes.

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    I’m also having the same issue as sonicx. Any time frame on when this we be sorted? I’m not sure my Steam account is actually connected as it doesn’t say that it is.

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