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    As mentioned at the end of the closing of my 64bit issue, I now cannot enter the Mars sim from Lantern District in order to progress onto "to the Red Planet". As soon as I activate the door/portal (that looks like a trained glass window/shrine…) it always goes to a lock-up of the game. Black screen with that white selection hand cursor stuck in the middle. Only way out is to ctrl-alt-delete and force quite Otherland.
    Tried both 64bit AND back to 32 bit client. No.
    Tried the same thing on 3 totally separate PC’s. No.
    Tried leaving it at the black screen for up to 6 hours (while at work) No.
    Its a brick wall! Im going to have to forget about even starting this game up until theres any clue as to whats going on there.
    I really hope someone here has an idea!
    If no progress after a couple of weeks I’ll post it on the Steam forums, though that hasn’t been previously helpful with anything as of yet, so probably a waste of time. 🤣

    Thanks, in advance. 🤞


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    (sigh) …….Force QUIT. 🤭

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    MMORewards Team

    I think at this point the best course of action is really to directly communicate with the Drago support. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t want to help, but you are playing on another platform and it always takes some time for me to forward your questions. So I suggest you send a mail with a description of your problem along with the steps you did with the 64bit client to the guys at The whole 64bit thingy should be much easier than what you described in the other thread. You shouldn’t have to jump through so many hoops to make it work. So I think it’s best if the Drago folks try to get your issues sorted out.

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    Hey, problem not! That makes sense, I was going to ask about that very thing, now I know that the game is being played through any other platform except damn Steam. (still curious, that you telling me was the first Ive ever heard this fact mentioned!) Totally believe you, of course. Probably just not available in this part of the world… I’ll ask the Drago team about further issues.
    This ‘To the Red planet’ fail is just not improving on its own, thats for sure! Just tried again with the same freeze-up.
    Thanks again for your assistance with the issues, much appreciated.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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