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Patch Notes v1.5.1120 & 1.5.1121

Fellow Guardians!

The servers are back online!

In addition to our previous apology and after a few days have passed we would like to assure everyone that we continue to operate our games normally. Guardians of Ember is still fully playable for everyone who previously purchased it or who is in possession of a valid Steam key. Our games are still for sale in our own store as well as through various key sellers including and Humble Store. We are actively working on new updates, as you can see below.


Change Log v1.5.1120 & 1.5.1121:

-Fixed some Loca issues e.g. partly Valentines Event
-Spawning Event Monsters now have proper names
-Added a few new items, e.g. Enhancement Insurances, Bagspace Vouchers for pages 4 and 5
-Fixed some Backend Tool Issues
-Adjusted the public event “A Pirate’s Song”
-Solved the issue with Act 6 chests dropping only level 55-58 items
-Fixed some more collision issues
-Adjusted the spawning location after the tutorial to New Ku’dan instead of Rye Ridge and added a quest
-Fixed an issue with the housing portal that disappears sometimes
-Updated some content for the level up bags (will only affect new created chars after this patch)
-Reworked the group system for the Cathedral Abyss


Your GoE Team