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OTHERLAND: Next – extended downtime over the weekend for new patch

Dear players of OTHERLAND: Next on MMOR!

UPDATE Monday, March 4th:
We just got informed by Drago that the client patch is now working as well and you should be able to play again as soon as the launcher has downloaded and installed the patch. Please note that the patch is quite big (ca. 3.5 GB), so it might take some time. We will provide the patch notes as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Our friends from Drago Entertainment just informed us that the new patch, that will include significant improvements to the UI as well as the game world of 8Squared, will result in a longer downtime for MMOR users starting Friday afternoon (CET). Right now we can’t forecast if the downtime will take the whole weekend until Monday morning or if the client patch for the MMOR version will be available earlier. We are very sorry for this long downtime and the inconvenience. Rest assured that the guys at Drago are doing all they can to minimize the downtime and make the game available to you again as soon as possible.

When you try to login before the client-side patch is available, you will get an error message that the server is expecting a new client version and that your client needs to be updated, although the launcher won’t update your client yet. Unfortunately this is something we can’t avoid.