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New Features and Patch 1.3.15

Hello Heroes!

The maintenance is done and the servers are online! And with that some cool new features! You now can enter your own housing zone which also led to a second new feature: Cooking! Oh yes, you read it right. Here are all new changes from Patch 1.3.15:

Guardians, Abandon housing added
1.1 Trophy system : Trophy items will be displayed to show their passive effects
1.2 Collection system : You can only collect certain items in certain seasons
1.3 Housing edit system : Cooking, Potions, Attack Buff Magazine, Souvenirs to craft available
2. Item Inventory shareable
2.1 Underground exploring added
2.2 Body Research chart added
2.3 Broken Information memo added
2.4 Powerplant CPU chip added
3. Localizing text fixed
3.1 Item equipped slot description fixed
3.2 Tokens -> Souvenir
3.3 Jewelry -> Accessories
4. Cash system added