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Kill a Boss Event Winner

Fellow Guardians,

Thank you for saving Olyndale once again from the menacing Dark Forces. A special thank you goes out to our Event winners, in which they will receive their promised prizes.
To make things a little bit fairer, we adjusted the ranking so everyone gets the same share for the same effort.

And these are our winners:

Olyndale EU – Tatrice
Rank 1: ViennaBandits
Rank 2-5: Epinoia, Darner, Bentrix, Calme
Rank 6-10: Test001, Yarien, FK93

Olyndale EU – Moros
Rank 2-5: R3v3N4n7, Test001, Eleutorokok, DanJawo

Olyndale EU – Andromalius
Rank 1: IKiLLYou

Olyndale EU – Zentoro
Rank 1: Shanaya
Rank 2-5: Eisblut, IsabeauDaNeige, Kojomi

Rye Ridge US – Tatrice
Rank 2-5: Arybeth, SeuJoao, Bewmstick, Curandero

Rye Ridge US – Zentoro
Rank 1: Redflower

The rewards will be sent out by today and are claimable until Wednesday, April 11th (midnight).

Your GoE Team