Kill a Boss Event | April 6th – 9th – MMORewards

Kill a Boss Event | April 6th – 9th

Fellow Guardians,
For this weekend we plan to find out who can kill the most bosses. The event starts on Friday, April 6th, 4:00 PM CET and ends on Monday, April 9th, 10:00 AM CET. To make it fair, your level depends on the counting boss:

Level <20: Tatrice (Assembly Hall)
Level 20-35: Moros (Shifting Core)
Level 36-50: Andromalius (Halls of Urdigard)
Level 50-59: Kurk & Phynnetheny (Chaos Temple)
Level 60: Zentoro (Oryon’s Trial)

We will have a Rank 1, Rank 2-5 and Rank 6-10 reward, which you will receive on Monday. These are the rewards you can get:

Rank 1: Flawless Melting Stone Gift Pack (contains 6 Melting Stones)
Rank 2-5: Blackface Spoonbill (30 days)
Rank 6-10: 5 Fusion Cores

Very brief FAQ:
Yes, not killing the monsters is okay.
Yes, there is a Rank 1-10 for every range.
Yes, every mode counts.
Yes, if you level up in between, go to the next boss and both will count.

Happy slicing,
Your GoE Team