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Servers back online

Hello everyone,

The maintenance is over and the servers are back online.

The Xmas event has ended, that being said, whatever remaining tokens you have, don’t throw them away, they will remain valid next year when the Xmas event returns.

During the downtime we also updated the servers for the new UI in order to be able to quickly enable it once internal testing is completed. The reason we do it now is because the testing is in its final stage and we should be able to roll out the new UI “any day now”.

Thank you for your patience


Help us make MMORewards better

Dear users of MMORewards,

first of all: a Happy New Year to all of you!

We prepared a short survey and would really appreciate if you could spare 5 minutes to give us your feedback:

Thank you very much!
Your MMORewards Team


OTHERLAND: Next now live on MMORewards.com!

We are happy to announce that OTHERLAND: Next is now available on MMORewards! Developed by DRAGO entertainment, this unique MMORPG features 4 classes that can switch between 2 roles, PvE, PvP, crafting, housing, action-based combat with mouse aiming and optional target lock and an outstanding virtual reality setting with 7 uniquely designed and distinct game worlds!


OTHERLAND:Next is coming to MMORewards!

We are happy to announce that the amazing action MMORG OTHERLAND: Next, based on the bestselling novels by Tad Williams will soon be available on MMORewards!


New Feature: Steam Connect!

Did you already buy one of our games on Steam? Good news then: With the Steam Connect Feature you can get points credited for purchases of participating games (or DLC) on Steam plus in some cases activate these DLC for your MMOR account free of charge!


Wild Buster is now available on MMORewards!

We are pleased to announce that the SciFi MMO-ARPG "Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan" has launched on MMORewards - and the good news is you can try the game for free with four heroes and all the content up to level 50! Plus, of course, you get Gold and XP for your MMOR account!


Guardians of Ember now on MMORewards!

We are happy to announce that our first game, the Fantasy MMORPG Guardians of Ember, is now available on MMORewards! Developed by Runewaker (Runes of Magic, Dragon's Prophet) it features Hack'n'Slash combat in an open world, 4 races and 6 classes, dozens of Dungeons and of course PvP! On MMORewards you can play the first Act for free!


MMORewards Beta launched!

We are finally live and in the middle of our beta test! Are you brave enough to join us know? You shall be rewarded with 500 Gold as a welcome gift!*


New reward game added!

With MMORewards you can get Rewards Gold to spend on... awesome rewards! Sometimes these can be items for one of our games. But we now just added a whole new game to our Reward Shop: Onion Knights - Definitive Edition! Based on the Hit-mobile game this PC-version is fully optimized and re-balanced. And the best thing: No In-App Purchases!


How it works

MMORewards is the only portal for PC Online games that gives you free cool stuff just for playing!

Similar to Airline Frequent Flyer programs we have two currencies: Status XP and Rewards Gold! While XP determines your membership level - which will unlock unique perks such as early game access, telephone support or unique in-game items - Gold is the currency you can spend in our Rewards Shop to in-game items, physical perks or even new games!

The process for this is really simple
- Create your MMORewards account (which already comes with free games)
- Add and play our online games to get XP and Gold
- Spend these points in our Rewards Shop!

How you get points

As MMORewards is still in Beta, you currently get points for the following actions:
- Registration for the Portal
- Adding a game to your account
- Login to games (not yet for all games)
- Buying in-game currency or DLC packages in the shop

We are also working on a feature to connect your MMORewards account to your Steam account so you will be credited points for game / DLC purchases made on Steam!