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OTHERLAND: Next – extended downtime over the weekend for new patch

Dear players of OTHERLAND: Next on MMOR!

UPDATE Monday, March 4th:
We just got informed by Drago that the client patch is now working as well and you should be able to play again as soon as the launcher has downloaded and installed the patch. Please note that the patch is quite big (ca. 3.5 GB), so it might take some time. We will provide the patch notes as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


Help us make MMORewards better

Dear users of MMORewards,

first of all: a Happy New Year to all of you!

We prepared a short survey and would really appreciate if you could spare 5 minutes to give us your feedback:

Thank you very much!
Your MMORewards Team


OTHERLAND: Next now live on!

We are happy to announce that OTHERLAND: Next is now available on MMORewards! Developed by DRAGO entertainment, this unique MMORPG features 4 classes that can switch between 2 roles, PvE, PvP, crafting, housing, action-based combat with mouse aiming and optional target lock and an outstanding virtual reality setting with 7 uniquely designed and distinct game worlds!


OTHERLAND:Next is coming to MMORewards!

We are happy to announce that the amazing action MMORG OTHERLAND: Next, based on the bestselling novels by Tad Williams will soon be available on MMORewards!


Maintenance 12.09.2018

Due to the handover to Gameforge we will have a server downtime tomorrow starting 3:00am CET. Since we are transferring the whole game service and Gameforge is integrating it into their environment, the downtime might last up to 36h.



MMORewards is the only portal for PC Online games that gives you free cool stuff just for playing!

Similar to Airline Frequent Flyer programs we have two currencies: Status XP and Rewards Gold! While XP determines your membership level – which will unlock unique perks such as early game access, telephone support or unique in-game items – Gold is the currency you can spend in our Rewards Shop to in-game items, physical perks or even new games!

The process for this is really simple

  • Create your MMORewards account (which already comes with free games)
  • Add and play our online games to get XP and Gold
  • Spend these points in our Rewards Shop!

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