Wild Buster – MMORewards

Wild Buster is a gritty science fiction MMO-ARPG with a MOBA influence and fast hack'n'slash combat - collect and level more than a dozen varied characters to master PvE (including co-op and raids) and PvP!

Title: Wild Buster

Genre: All

Developer: NuriWorks

Release Date: 14/12/2017

Collect Dozens of Heroes

Unique Skills to each Hero

Hack_n_Slash Combat

Raids and Boss Fights

PvP and Clan System

2 Factions


Wild Buster is a gritty science fiction hack’n’slash MMORPG with a MOBA influence – collect and level more than a dozen varied heroes!

Pick from the game’s two rival factions, Guardians and Abandons, and take on PvP to claim victory for your chosen side. Alternatively, put your differences aside and work together in PvE to stop the looming threat of the Brokken, an aggressive cyborg race hell-bent on dooming the remaining humans to the same desolate half-man-half-machine fate.


Key Features:

  • Full MMORPG with Hack’n’Slash Combat
    • Shooting, slashing, burning, dodging, rolling – Think fast, move faster!
    • Easy to start, hard to master
  • MOBA-style Character and Skill System
    • Different skill combinations with 2 powerful ‘ultimate skills’ to choose from for each hero
    • Skills can be upgraded and customized with Items
  • 12+ selectable heroes (24 planned) that employ distinctly different play styles and unique abilities
    • Tank, range DD, melee DD, support
    • Mech suit engineer, petclass, dual wield blade assassin, sniper, and many more
  • 2 Factions
    • Guardians: Military organisation tasked with the mission to protect all humans, who rely on strict discipline and training to do so.
    • Abandon: An alliance of unbound wild mutants. They are less organized, but experts in utilizing weapons and gadgets to survive even in harsh environments.
  • Rank level system: increase your account wide level beyond the character level to get extra attribute bonuses


MMO Features:

  • Versatile gear with different attribute increases, rarities and set bonuses
  • Crafting, enchanting, armorsmithing, weaponsmithing, jewelry crafting, mining and fishing
  • Achievement system
  • Guild system
  • Auction house
  • Group finder
  • Different mounts and pets



  • 500+ varied quests and daily missions
  • 20+ dungeons with unique boss fights and 3 different difficulties
  • 4 Raid instances with challenging boss fights – assemble a strong team or go home!
  • 4 Defense maps where players have to protect a payload against engaging hordes of monsters



  • 5 vs. 5  Player squad league (10 vs. 10 planned after Early Access)
  • 4 open PvP zones
  • Free-for-all PvP treasure fight where the winner takes it all!


New Features and Patch 1.3.15

Hello Heroes!

The maintenance is done and the servers are online! And with that some cool new features! You now can enter your own housing zone which also led to a second new feature: Cooking! Oh yes, you read it right. Here are all new changes from Patch 1.3.15.


Wild Buster Lunar New Year sale

Wild Buster Lunar New Year Sales Event until 03/02/2018
All Wild Buster Editions and DLCs with a 33% discount!
The Wild Buster Basic Edition with a 66% discount!


Wild Buster EXP und buff event!

Wild Buster EXP and buff Event. 20% more EXP, 10% more damage. Duration 8.2.-12.2.2018


Wild Buster is now available on MMORewards!

We are pleased to announce that the SciFi MMO-ARPG "Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan" has launched on MMORewards - and the good news is you can try the game for free with four heroes and all the content up to level 50! Plus, of course, you get Gold and XP for your MMOR account!


Wild Buster announced!

Publisher Insel Games has just announced their new game: Wild Buster, the SciFi Action MMORPG with a Moba Twist! How is that? The game is all about the sheer number of characters! To collect them, level them in PVE and take them to PVP and Raids will keep you busy for months!
The game will launch later this Year on Steam and MMO Rewards!




OS: Win 7 (64bit) or higher
Processor: Intel i3 or equivalent
Graphics: Geforce 560 GT or equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM
Storage: 10GB