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Patch Notes 1133

The maintenance is over and here are the patch notes:


XP Weekend Event

25% additional experience weekend starts today 13.07.2018 4PM CET and ends on Monday, 16.07.2018 10AM CET.


Worldboss Event started!

This time, we have the world boss event, starting now 06.07.2018 and ending Monday, 09.07.2018 10AM CET.


Chaos Titan Challenge Test

Chaos Titan Challenge from tomorrow, 10:00 AM CET to 12:00 PM CET.


Servers online!

Thank you for your patience. The servers are back online!



MMORewards is the only portal for PC Online games that gives you free cool stuff just for playing!

Similar to Airline Frequent Flyer programs we have two currencies: Status XP and Rewards Gold! While XP determines your membership level – which will unlock unique perks such as early game access, telephone support or unique in-game items – Gold is the currency you can spend in our Rewards Shop to in-game items, physical perks or even new games!

The process for this is really simple

  • Create your MMORewards account (which already comes with free games)
  • Add and play our online games to get XP and Gold
  • Spend these points in our Rewards Shop!

Tutorial Video

Subscription Steps